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Medicare and Medicare Advantage or Medicare Complete Plans

Medicare is for those over age 65 or individuals qualifying for disability reasons. Once you are eligible and enroll in “Part B” you basically have Three Choices:

  1. Do nothing and use Medicare only, which will pay only 80% of whatever they deem as reasonable.
  2. Purchase a Medicare Supplement (PPO) with the broadest selection of physicians to use, and purchase a separate “Part D” prescription drug plan.
  3. Purchase / enroll in a Medicare Complete (Part C) or Medicare Advantage plan than includes all Medicare covers and also combines the Part D medication coverage.

To enroll in Medicare you must enroll in Part B whether you continue to work or not:

  1. You must go by your nearest Social Security Office and enroll in Medicare “Part B”. There is a monthly cost associated with Medicare Part B of approximately $134 for 2017 per month (which can be higher or lower depending on your income) this you pay regardless of whether you only use Medicare or obtain one of the supplemental plans mentioned above. Part A has no cost and is free for those who have worked in the US for at least 10 years (40 Quarters).
  2. IF working & covered by your employer, you may choose to not enroll fully in Medicare by not enrolling in Part B; however, in most cases the cost is less and the benefits are better by enrolling into Medicare Part B and being on a richer plan usually for less than half the cost!
  3. Once enrolled in part A & B you may enroll in one of the plans mentioned.